How oatmeal will renew your skin, make you lose weight and prevent diabetes

It’s not news when we say that in order to stay healthy and improve our physical condition, it is necessary to have a healthy diet.

Everyone knows that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, because it provides a great source of energy for our day.

If your goal is to improve your health and lose weight, oatmeal can be our best ally. It has many vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber. Here we will list some of the benefits of this incredible food.

1) Improve the health of our skin.

Oatmeal helps to normalize the pH of the skin, so it is very useful in cases of irritation and inflammation. That’s why it is common to recommend oatmeal baths to treat dermatological problems.

2) It can improve the metabolism.

Its high level of soluble fiber generates a kind of gel in the digestive system, making you feel satisfied for a long time.

In addition, this gel helps reduce cholesterol. Eating every day I help in your digestion, improving your metabolism.

3) Reduce the risk of diabetes.

In addition to the above, oatmeal can help to control blood glucose levels. It also helps to reduce some types of cancer, heart disease and blood pressure.

In case you want to start consuming daily, we recommend that you do not use instant oatmeal. It may be that using ordinary oats means a little more work, but it does not mean the same result.

We will show you a recipe to start taking advantage of the incredible benefits of oatmeal.


- 2 cups of water.

- 1 cup of oatmeal.

- 2 tablespoons of organic honey.

- 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon.

- 1/8 teaspoon of pink salt from the Himalayas.

- 1 tablespoon of stevia.

How to prepare:

Boil the water in a medium pot. Once it is boiling, add all the ingredients, except oatmeal, and stir.

Once the ingredients are mixed, reduce the temperature of the fire to medium-low and add the oatmeal. Boil the oats for 5 minutes and stir to avoid burning.

Pour the oatmeal in a bowl and add a little cinnamon on top to improve its flavor.

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