Your Daily Horoscope
For Scorpio


Today the stars protect the sentimental aspect of the natives of Scorpio, whatever the situation you find yourself in. You are in an unbeatable moment for love. If you are in a happy relationship, you will live hours of intense happiness. It is possible that the person who shares his life with you on a daily basis asks you for a commitment, coexistence or marriage, just what you were wanting. But if right now you have a free heart, you can have an encounter with someone today who will captivate you, perhaps it will be a true crush. Enjoy these moments of romance and passion to the fullest, Scorpio. Something very solid can be forged between you every day. And it may also be that you are tempted to have an affair with someone very attractive. If you are not free, reconsider; if you decide to do it, assume the risks.