Your Daily Horoscope
For Sagittarius


You are feeling a real need to rest and relax today, Sagittarius. Take advantage of this weekend to do it. You were thinking about leaving the city every day, but if this is not possible for you, improvise an exit near your home. Find a place where you feel comfortable, better surrounded by nature, like a park, for example, and also take the opportunity to do a little exercise, which will do you wonder. In addition, it will be super economical, which is already convenient for you. Take hold of your imagination and you will be able to draw up an excellent plan. Today you and your partner will experience moments of great romance, Sagittarius. Appreciate them and enjoy them. The time is coming to move forward and take on more responsibilities on a daily basis. You can talk about it calmly these days and check that your goals remain the same. Don't lose your good humor.