Your Daily Horoscope
For Leo


You have an important mission to accomplish today, Leo. There are two people very close to you who are estranged. Take out those conciliatory skills that you use daily and talk to each one of them. Then, when you have convinced them of the absurdity of this estrangement, arrange a meeting which, of course, you also have to attend. They will reconcile and thank you whenever you have cared. And be very careful when it comes to your own affairs because someone wants to sneak in. You are not seeing who approaches you with bad intentions and then you will have to regret it, confident Leo. Pay attention to your intuition, so acute, because it is warning you daily of this game. On a sentimental level, you need to break the routine with whoever is by your side. You have imagination to create new and surprising situations. Use it today. - [email protected]

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