Your Daily Horoscope
For Capricorn


It is very good to have ambitions and think about progressing, enterprising Capricorn, but do not forget today that all this requires putting effort on your part on a daily basis. The higher you set the bar, the more you have to fight. But if you are determined to do it, go ahead! Life will always reward you for your effort. Sometimes this compensation is not given immediately, but after some time. Patience is the second condition you will have to accept, Capricorn. Reflect on it today now that you have time. If you were looking forward to an outing or a little trip, you will have to postpone it, but things never happen by chance. Later it will be much better. At the moment, he lives daily the illusion of plans and preparations, sometimes it is more intense than the trip itself. And make your boy participate in your ideas, he will be enthusiastic about you.