Your Daily Horoscope
For Taurus ♉


You are putting off a person who has been trying to meet you on a daily basis for some time, Taurus ♉. You think he is annoying but in reality what he wants to tell you is something important and that it would help you get this opportunity that you have longed for. Try to see him today and listen carefully to what he has to tell you. You also haven't seen one of your best friends in a while. Today he especially needs your support because he is going through a delicate sentimental situation. Stay with her, understanding Taurus ♉. You know from experience that staying home crying is not going to do any good. You can help her see things from another perspective. And if you are still thinking daily about that love you had a long time ago, apply the story to yourself. It's time to erase the past to feel better in the present.