Women need to go out twice a week with friends to be in good health.

Once or twice a week, it is essential to organize an outing with friends to forget about work, obligations and problems. Relaxing and relieving stress is essential to stay healthy.

Many people do not know it, and you may even think that we exaggerate, but going out with friends is beneficial for people. If you don´t usually do it, organize an outing with friends today! We are going to tell you why, it will affect your health.

Friendship goes through human contact, reciprocal attraction and shared tastes. And what does this have to do with health? First of all, the endorphins that are released when we have a good time increase the feeling of pleasure and reduce pain. This is something we should not overlook because British researchers compared endorphins with analgesics. Happy adults.

Karen says: "At least 2 times a month we meet" the girls "to go to the movies or to dinner. Sometimes we get together for breakfast. The four of us were schoolmates and 30 years later, we continued to meet to talk about our things and to remember again and again anecdotes of teenagers. It´s a unique moment that fills me with energy!”

In adulthood, the benefits of friendship are more focused on quality than quantity. But as we move forward, this trend reverses. Multiply contacts with different people improve memory and delay the onset of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer´s Disease.

While each of us finds its own benefits, we detail the general advantages of outings and meetings between friends.

1) Forget everyday problems.

In both family and work life, we all encounter the odd problem. To forget them for a few moments, nothing better than an outing between friends. It is also a good opportunity to share your concerns and find a solution among all.

2) Strengthen ties.

Outings between friends are also a good opportunity to strengthen ties with others. These ties will always serve you in the future and will not let you feel alone in a moment of your life that you need it. Sharing with others allows you to relax, learn new things and discuss different tastes.

3) Charge batteries.

Outings with friends distend us after a week of intense work or facing the daily and normal problems of a family. Having a good time is a way of “resetting ourselves” to perform better in both areas.

Lack of social life or smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Researchers at Brigham Young University, in the United States, conducted a study based on 148 investigations in which about 310,000 people were included for seven years. The conclusions were incredible: the physical and emotional damage caused by the lack of contact with others is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day or being an alcoholic. It could even be worse than not practicing any sport and is twice as harmful as suffering from obesity. The researchers also found a correlation between isolation and poor blood pressure.

Relationships between friends, family, neighbors and coworkers; they favor the chances of surviving by 50%.

This study determined that regardless of sex, age, previous health condition or cause of death, people who do not relate to others fall into this category of risk.

This makes us reflect… We need to connect with our surroundings, go out with friends, live in society and enjoy interacting with other people.

We do not need much. It can be an outing for dinner, going to the movies, an afternoon for tea, a picnic in the park, meeting to watch a movie ... There are thousands of options!

The important thing is that we must understand that women need time for us. Take a break from the daily obligations we have gladly accepted, but from which we also need to rest. Dating friends implies a moment of recreation, of laughter, of complicity that will have a better mood to continue with a better mood and more desire.

And you? How long have you not met with your friends? Comment and share!

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