Can you find the owl in this picture? Few are able to find her

The information we find on the Internet is like a kind of giant encyclopedia. It is a way to learn all kinds of things, not only reading but also through video tutorials.

But one of the most fun, entertaining and useful resources has to do with the exercise of the mind. Exercising neurons helps keep them always young and improves our mental abilities, especially memory.

The puzzles, the games of finding the differences, the mathematical enigmas, the riddles, the riddles ... All this contributes to improve our perceptual, cognitive and visual abilities and is one of the most important contributions that the Internet makes to our life.

Today we will enjoy a visual game that tests your ability to define details and that is not easy. Very few can do it!

Optical illusions often deceive our eyes and our brain and often what it seems it is, is not.

In this image there is a hidden owl and we challenge you to find it.

A British mailman named Paul Beech, saw in amazement how this owl camouflaged itself in the trunk of this tree and could only perceive it once it had moved. When the owl stood still, it was almost impossible to see her!

It is also an opportunity to perceive how nature adapts to itself and developed, in this case in the owl, the ability to defend itself from its predators by camouflaging itself in the trunk of the tree so as not to be seen.

Let´s accept the challenge of being able to see it! Sharpen the view and tell us if you could find it! Do not stop sharing!

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