How to stop worrying about everything?

"My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice." This quotation pronounced by one of the protagonists of the movie "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them", sums up perfectly what happens when we care about others or when we worry even about things that we don´t know for sure if they will happen. Precisely, "We make a movie in our imagination."

Has it already happened to you that you have a worry in your head that you cannot take away, no matter how hard you try? Of course ... it happens to us almost permanently and without us noticing.

We suffer, we are distressed, we become depressed, and we even feel discomfort in the body when we have an idea in mind that consumes our energy, because we imagine all possible outcomes, and they are always negative.

“My daughter is 19 years old and for the first time she was leaving the country, to visit a friend who lives in Australia, says Angela.

I was not very happy with that trip, but she was so excited that it was impossible to refuse. On the other hand, I knew that I had to let her make this experience of traveling alone, simply because we must understand that our children grow up and want to fly.

With my husband, we said goodbye to her at the airport and made her promise that she would call me as soon as she reached her destination. The expected number of hours passed and I began to wait for the long-awaited call. But the call did not come.

She had to get to Sydney at 3 in the afternoon and it was already 5 and I had no news of her.

My despair began to win the battle. I was distraught, nervous, thinking about all kinds of misfortunes ... I couldn´t stand still and lost count of the number of times I called without getting an answer.

My husband told me to calm down, that everything was probably fine and that I had to be positive. But I could not. What if he had fainted? What if she was sick? What if she hadn´t found his friend at the airport? What if someone had kidnapped her?? I thought I was going to go crazy. I felt helpless. Anguish cut my breath ...

Until I received a call from my daughter, telling me that the trunk of the plane where she had kept her bag along with the phone, had been locked and could not be opened. She had to wait a while until they managed to open it.

The explanation for the delay was simple and everything was fine, but all the terrible things I imagined during those two hours were a suffering that I don´t want for anyone. ”

Why is it so difficult for us to hold on to this phrase that it also contains a lot of truth? "If there is no news, it is good news."

In life there are unforeseen events.

Unfortunately, we insist on making our lives bitter with events that probably never come, but that we make happen catastrophically in our mind.

As the human being reflects on the future, he faces anxiety and restlessness. When we feel we have something, we automatically imagine the anguish of losing it. And even if you don´t believe it, these feelings begin to take shape in childhood, when we must learn to share and we must lend a toy, for example.

The problem is that our brain would want everything to be under control, while life is purely unforeseen. What good is worrying about the trip to Africa in six months and the risk of contracting malaria, if that can happen where we live and at any time? That´s what the unexpected thing we can´t control is about.

Taking things easy.

If you want to stop worrying, you must stop thinking. Thinking is a good thing, of course, but when we spend too much time analyzing things, we can generate unnecessary stress. Sometimes, worrying has its positive side, because it is a way to recognize the importance of a situation. However, many times we worry about unsubstantiated things.

When we worry, we try to project in the future and imagine scenarios with negative results. We think about the worst results!

In all those situations, we worry about something that has not happened yet and most of the time, it will never happen. And not only that, but we worry about things over which we have no control. It is necessary to learn to live the present!

We must understand that most of the things we care about never happen. We can spend a large part of our lives in a state of anguish over what is supposed to happen, to the point of ruining our happiness. There are even those who stop living and enjoying the things they love, for fear of all those possible negative situations they imagine.

How to stop worrying?

This is the big question! For starters, there is a simple rule to follow: "If you can´t do anything to improve the situation, stop worrying."

When it comes to things over which we have no control, it is in vain to distress us for what may happen.

The student who cares about the result of his exam, wastes time, because what is done is done. If you spend your time distressing or having fun, it doesn´t matter, because that won´t change the result.

You can try to write your most pressing concerns and after a while, evaluate in what percentage all of them really materialize. Once you realize that it makes no sense to worry about things over which we have no control, nor can we modify, we will begin to appreciate life better.

Remember: “Restlessness is on a path that leads nowhere. Don´t let him direct your life. ”

Do you also "make a movie in our imagination"? How do you control this situation? Comment and share!

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