Sometimes you need to step back to save others.

When we love someone we believe that the best way to show our love is by being close. But sometimes, love is not enough and instead of providing love, we are harming the person we love.

Nobody wants to believe that this may be possible, but if we maintain a conflicting relationship, or live in a family where there are always disputes and fights, it is an immense act of love to ask ourselves if we are not the ones who generate the problems.

If to avoid someone suffering, we put ourselves in his place, we deny him the possibility of learning to solve problems. We even underestimate his abilities and at one point, we are making him see that we do not trust everything that is worth.

Other times, we may feel guilty if we walk away and think that the other person will feel abandoned. Maybe it is not like that. Maybe the other person doesn´t see it that way and needs you to get away, but he doesn´t know how to tell you.

And what happens when it is we who generate the problems?

When we are self-critical enough and assume the responsibility of not acting in a good way, then the best demonstration of love is to move away so as not to continue hurting.

Preserving our physical and mental health is essential and doing so with those we love is the best proof of love.

And what about self - love?

It may seem simple, but not all people manage to love themselves. Learning to value yourself is not easy and then sometimes we fall into toxic relationships that harm us.

We all know that in a relationship or in a friendship, sometimes differences and conflicts arise, but when these problems become chronic, and we do not find a way to solve them, we must make the healthy decision to move away. It can be painful and difficult, but for our mental health and our self-esteem, we must do it.

We are social beings that interact with other people and some behavior is expected of us, so when we are in a toxic relationship, we continue to not disappoint others, not to seem selfish, to adjust to the concept that others have of what is to be a good son, a good mother, a good friend or a good wife or husband.

The more we love the person who harms us, the harder it is to get away from it. But we must think that this person should also love and respect us and is not fulfilling his role and is not giving us the same love.

To get away is not to escape. Walking away means protecting yourself, at least for a while so that all parties involved can see the situation from another perspective.

Protecting yourself prevents physical and mental exhaustion and allows you to be in a position to deal with problems and solve them.

Remember that love is not a free pass to mistreat or be mistreated.

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