Scientists say that visiting the beach makes your mind happy and healthy.

More and more scientists are concentrating on studying simple things and few should be as simple as going to the beach.

We well know that outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling are beneficial, and everything that is good for physical health is for mental health.

On the beach we will find from an outdoor “spa” with the sand exfoliating our feet, to the best relief for stress through the sea breeze, the effects of water and natural light. All this helps to distend and forget about everyday problems.

In addition, the sun is the best source of vitamin D, essential for strengthening our bones and essential for women. Research also shows that the sun increases the production of endorphins, the happiness hormone. It is ideal to stimulate the mind!

And what about the landscape ? Just seeing the beach with its blue sea, the rhythmic sound of the waves and its warm sands, we feel better. To this feeling of calm and tranquility that we feel when we are at the beach, scientists have called it "blue space", because it is the way they found to describe the effect it produces in the brain.

The blue space has the ability to free and relax us as if hypnotizing us.

Let´s see in detail, four positive aspects of the beach that directly impact our brain.

1) Relieves stress.

Just giving us an invigorating shower or bubble bath improves our mood. Water has the ability to relieve stress and especially seawater; because it contains positive ions that have the ability to distend and relax the organism. We should all enjoy this positive stimulus every so often. Even the children!

2) Stimulate creativity.

If you are lacking inspiration to solve problems or encouragement to create or study, scientists also found the answer for this on the beach. This huge blue space, press the "reset" button in our brain, puts the mind blank and frees up space for the new to emerge.

The beach has an effect similar to that of meditation, because it helps us relativize problems and brings out the best in us. The best way to focus on the positive aspects of life.

3) Relieves the symptoms of depression.

Just as the beach acts on tranquility and creativity, it can also do a lot to relieve stress. It is not surprising that more and more people choose to live near the beach to get carried away by the wonderful sound of the waves, the horizon that captivates the view, the aroma of salt and the warm sand. All these feelings take us to a place where everything is peace and quiet.

4) Put things in perspective.

Definitely, a few minutes walking along the seashore or simply contemplating this wonderful spectacle of nature, changes our perception of life. We see things differently and it is an "injection" of positivism.

If you are thinking of looking for a place to spend a couple of days to “unplug” from the routine, take advantage of all the benefits offered by the beach. And don´t forget your sunscreen!

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