The most prestigious psychologist in the world reveals 6 rules that will change your life for good.

The most prestigious psychologist in the world reveals 6 rules that will change your life for good.

If there is something true in this world, it is the fact that we live in relationships with people we sometimes like and sometimes ... not so much.

Living in society implies learning to tolerate and "let go" of those who bring negativity and misery in our lives.

Surely, only with these two lines did you come to mind that person who throws two words and changes your day completely, making suddenly the sunny day, becomes a dark and depressing night.

Fortunately, we have professionals who, in addition to having studied, learned from life and from them we can obtain the necessary advice to overcome these situations.

Russian psychologist Mikhail Litvak, has published more than 30 books on personal development and is recognized worldwide. In Russia, he is considered the "Father of contemporary psychology."

Through his writings, he tries to alert us to the different psychological blocks that we can face throughout our lives and that prevent us from being happy.

Dr. Mikhail Litvak has many tips, but we can gather in these six, his main reflections.

1) Organized and happy.

Yes! Happiness is not a science, but it will always be easier to achieve it if we lead an organized life.

As Mikhail Litvak explains, it is important to take care of oneself, and put energy and motivation fervently wishing to achieve the sensation of serenity and well-being, because these feelings will not appear alone overnight, but should be promoted by ourselves.

2) We are different, we think differently.

We know that we often find it difficult to remember, but the people around us are not obliged to share our same ideas or opinions. This also happens to ourselves. We are not obliged to agree with others or to think the same.

But far from being an obstacle to understand each other, it must be understood that assuming ourselves as different beings is a way of enriching ourselves as people in the fact of being able to share and exchange opinions.

Often, people feel fear in the face of the unknown and that is why we try to convince others at all costs.

It is important to learn to listen to ourselves, and learn to listen to others. This exchange will make you feel good and make others feel good.

3) Live for you!

You probably heard many times that "our happiness does not depend on the happiness of others", but that is not why the phrase is no longer true. Happiness is something unique to oneself and should not depend more than on us. However, our mood often depends on those around us, and we are affected by their problems or their mood swings.

This is learning is hard, but it is important to take distance from the negative attitudes of others if we want to be happy. Let´s live according to our needs.

4) Learn to live with your loneliness.

The ability of a person to be alone and to meditate on himself, says a lot about his maturity. A mature person will not be afraid of loneliness and will have no problem staying alone, but quite the opposite.

It makes no sense to try to fill our emotional emptiness by always looking for someone else´s company.

Happiness often goes through the fact of imposing moments of solitude to reconcile with oneself and learn to love oneself. As simple as that.

5) Become your best friend.

If you want to achieve happiness, start by valuing yourself and listening to yourself. No one knows you better. So why not take care of our own thoughts? Why not take the time to listen to yourself and make sure we are valuable people? Do not expect others to do it for you. Do it for yourself and for your own well-being.

6) Take away the grudge.

We know that they have hurt you, that they have hurt you, that they have betrayed you… But all that can be overcome! The feeling of failure often generates a feeling of deep dissatisfaction and discomfort.

And then, we choose to find guilty of our failures and our mistakes in those who harmed us at some point in life.

Let them go! Let everyone continue their life as they want and as they can. Learn to forgive, because it is useless to return to past events that cannot be changed.

This attitude alone generates resentment and a negative feeling that can become hate, if we do not eliminate it from the first minute.

The advice of Dr. Mikhail Litvak really is wonderful, don´t you think so? These rules of life that aim to achieve happiness seem simple, but they are hard and difficult work that we can all do in pursuit of our well-being.

Nobody says it will be easy, but we can try again and again, until we achieve our goal.

Tell us about your personal experience and share the rules to achieve happiness!

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