Health Benefits of the red fruit Smoothie

You know from off and already that fruits are good for your health. Of course, depending on which you eat regularly, the effects will be different on your body and your health. Today we are interested in red fruits. The red fruits include a very large variety of fruits that are more beneficial than others.

The most important are, for example, chokeberry, cranberry, currants, blackcurrant or blueberries. There are also cherries, cherries, raspberries or blackberries that are also considered red fruits. Of course, there is strawberry and wild strawberry that we must not forget.

- Red berries are rich in antioxidants.

- Red berries are low in calories.

- Red fruits have a low glycemic index.

- Red fruits improve your blood circulation.

- Red fruits are rich in Vitamin C.

- Red fruits are anti-inflammatory.

- Food with red fruits have a diuretic effect.

- Red fruits are rich in fiber.

Free radicals act to attack your cells and make you more sensitive over the years. In addition to our bad habits like tobacco and alcohol, this phenomenon is not easy to manage. However, be aware that oxidation can be slowed down by your consumption of red fruits.

Red fruits contain Vitamin C, Vitamin E, carotenoids and many other micro-nutrients essential to our body.

Their regular consumption in large quantities will make you gain longevity while remaining healthy. For a more precise action, you should know for example that the blueberry has beneficial effects on the health of your eyes. It could also play a role in preventing diseases such as cataracts.

Thanks to the effects of the anthocyanin which is also in this fruit, it is possible for you to keep a beautiful skin. The antioxidant effects of red fruits thus act on degenerative diseases such as cancer or diabetes.

In addition to the different benefits that we have already mentioned, know that red fruits are perfect to improve your blood circulation. It is mainly the polyphenols contained in these which will be beneficial to you. This is an element made up of several other components, including anthocyanin, which is very important.

Now we will show you a recipe of red fruits smoothie.

Ingredients for its preparation:

- (2 cups) Almond milk or other vegetable milk.

- (¼ cup) Stevia.

- (2 cups) Low fat natural yogurt.

- (8) Blackberries.

- (8) Strawberries.

- (6) Nuts.

- (16) Raspberries.

Preparation: Pour all the ingredients in the blender and mix them. That’s it! You can start drinking it at the moment.

Do not stop trying this exquisite recipe! We are sure that you will be happy for the day and also you will start to feel more vital. If you are a person prone to get sick is especially recommended for you, see how your health improves with this simple but powerful recipe. Cheer up!

This smoothie will improve your health in many ways! If you get sick very often, try drinking this for some time, you will notice yourself with more energy right away!

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