Put ice here 2 times per day – There will be a complete change in your body

According to traditional Chinese medicine, many diseases in our body are produced because our energy in our points "chi" or "Qi" are blocked.

What are the Qi points? They are the vital points where our energy flows through the meridian paths. In some therapies such as acupuncture we try to release the blockage of our Qi to heal our body.

The organs of our body are connected to the meridians and pressure points. If these points are stimulated somehow, the blocked Qi is released, leaving the energy of our organ flow, relieving it. This is what acupuncture is about.

However, do not use acupuncture if you do not have much experience, it could be dangerous. That is why there are other natural and safe methods that can help you improve your health and your spirit.

What you need is to do is to support an ice cube at a specific point on your neck known as Feng Fu in the back and top of the neck, right at the base of the skull, near where the hair starts. Acupuncturists assure that the area is very useful to achieve a general well-being of the body and spirit.

The best way to accomplish this is to lay over your stomach or sitting. Then locate the ice cube in the indicated area. If necessary, you can use a bandana or bandage to secure it and keep it that way for 20 minutes. At first the impression may be a bit cold, but you will not feel it after a few seconds.

Repeat this twice a day, in the morning and before going to sleep.

These are some of the benefits that can be achieved.

- Deals with gastrointestinal problems.

- Treat frequent colds.

- Relieves asthma symptoms.

- Treatment of menstrual disorders.

- It enhances sleep quality.

- Relief of arthritis.

- Improves breathing.

- Improves digestion.

- Reduce depression, fatigue and stress.

- Relieves headaches, toothaches and joints.

- Management of thyroid disorders.

If you are pregnant, or suffer from schizophrenia, epilepsy or have a pacemaker, you should not carry out this treatment.

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