Get rid of toxic people and situations that detract from your energy. Break free!

When we hear about toxic people we quickly make a list in the memory of everyone we know.

Or when we think of stressful situations, we also remember moments in which we have felt dejected and anguished, but what we rarely think is that we ourselves can become our worst enemies when we let ourselves be carried away by others or when we cannot control our own "got damn".

What do we mean concretely?

We speak of those people who become "appropriators of the energy of others" and who are often in ourselves or within our environment. These people take away the strength and the will to realize our projects.

These are some of those "energy appropriators" that you must learn to recognize to get away from your life and to be able to develop freely.

1) Have pending debts:

Having debts does not always have to do with a financial issue.

We can also have things to do that we must do or say and that take time and energy while we think about how to define them.

Try not to fall behind in fulfilling your obligations and in this way discard a concern of your life.

2) Postponed longings:

These desires in which we are always thinking we detract energy and do not let us move forward.

Do not stop at the constant idea of something that you cannot specify.

Project how to do it and meet your goals without delay so that the postponed wishes do not detract energy or frustrate you.

3) People who complain:

That co-worker who complains about the boss, or that neighbor across the street who always speaks ill of the next door, is not positive for your life.

Get away from those people who take away energy and influence negative. Look for optimistic people!

4) Stagnation:

Do not let yourself be.

There is nothing as negative as letting things simply flow without trying anything new that gives other life´s airs and drives you to live better things.

Face the next step!

5) Relegate what we love to do:

We all have obligations that we cannot avoid, but having to live permanently tied to things we do not want to do, will wear us out emotionally until we become depressive beings and will even affect our health.

Dedicate yourself to do what makes you happy!

6) Keep order:

A messy environment is equivalent to a disorderly life.

Clutter frustrates you and plunges you into depression.

Order your place of work, the room in which you spend so much time and even get rid of things that you no longer use.

Accumulate wears!

7) Toxic provocateurs:

Toxic people are everywhere. At work, in the family, and even among friends. Negative people drag us into an unhealthy terrain in which we should not fall.

Try to get away from these individuals who invade you with their pessimism so as not to burden you with their own frustrations.

8) Learn to forgive:

It is important not to confuse forgiveness with failure.

Many people believe that if they forgive they are losing a battle when in fact they are gaining in tranquility and health.

Do not attach yourself to people or situations from the past that cannot come back from that place.

Leaving the past in that place remains an antidote to the psychological and emotional exhaustion of living tormented by something that we can no longer change.

Let go and let it go!

9) Learn to accept:

This advice is very linked to forgiveness because although the situations that we must accept seem complex, in reality, they do not have many mysteries and it is simply about giving each thing the place it deserves.

Trying to change what we cannot change implies a waste of energy that we can use in positive things that generate satisfaction and joy.

10) Take care of your health:

Do not miss the time and visit the dentist, the eye doctor and your family doctor.

Keeping your body under control will give you a sense of security that will free your mind of that worry and give you the necessary energy for new ventures.

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