10 advantages of being a mom after 40 years or more

What if we shed our established ideas and give free rein to our wishes? Having a baby after 40 is not crazy and at the same time, it has a lot of advantages. We are not talking about comparing, or promoting motherhood at a later age, but we aim to highlight the benefits if you chose this particular moment.

Today, a pregnancy after 40 became quite common. The number of births in women over 40 years tripled in the last 20 years. In 15% of cases, it is a first child, but in general, that baby comes to enlarge the family.

During the last 40 years the age to have the first child shifted in relation to the mother´s age, and this is how we see that women have their first child at approximately 30 years old, that is, it is easy to imagine that a woman can continue to have children 10 years later.

Of course, these late pregnancies demand thorough care (like all pregnancies, in short), in addition to women questioning many things before making the decision.

Many myths and risks were neglected thanks to advances in medicine and a greater diffusion of prenatal studies. This is how many mothers can make their dream come true today, regardless of their age.

But in addition to questions on a personal and family level, these changes that will occur with the arrival of a baby have a positive side and are many more than we can think of.

If you still haven´t decided, take into account the advantages of having a baby after age 40.

1) We are more mature.

It makes no sense to turn this issue around. We are more mature at 35 than 20. This obviously does not prevent us from loving our children with the same intensity, but it is true that it allows us to face problems with greater ease. Even, we are already accustomed to handling life situations and backing down if necessary.

2) We are more economically established.

This is something that the same moms tell that they have already passed 40 and that they recognize that they are better established economically than at 20. It is a reality, to buy toys, clothes, take a child to school or give it a treat; It can be expensive and faces better if we have achieved economic stability a few years before.

3) We are more rational.

With the years of practice, we are better prepared to control and manage emotions when we are 40, than a little after leaving adolescence. Obviously, that does not mean that one day the situation overflows us, and we have the nerves to the surface. But in theory, a mother over 40 better resists children´s crises, whims and screams and uses her experience to respond calmly and constructively.

4) We are more entrenched in our career.

If for years you did not take maternity leave and instead used those days to consolidate your career, maybe now it is time to enjoy both: a new family member and professional stability that allows you more flexible hours and less Need to prove things to yourself.

5) We are safer.

Even if we live as a couple or not, having a baby at 40 or later, is a personal decision that every woman has thought in detail. We have evaluated the pros and cons and know that this is what we want.

We know that a pregnancy will affect many aspects of our life, and we are prepared to face them.

Is rarely the arrival of a baby the result of a poorly analyzed decision. Insecurities and doubts that may arise when we are younger no longer exist.

6) We take into account the experiences of others.

When we have reached this age, we know that what others experienced can help us. We live our own life, but we also learn from mistakes or the successes of others.

At this point, many of our friends already have school-age children and having accompanied these processes, allows us to better manage ours.

7) We have (almost) all dreams fulfilled.

Men, departures until any time in the morning, travel ... All that is done! Now, it is time to fulfill the biggest dream: to have a baby. Every woman is different. Each has its own objectives and needs to meet and many consider that they are more willing to be mothers, once they have achieved their dreams.

8) The friends, to the rescue.

At this age, we are less demanding and use the criteria and logic in our favor, rather than emotions. And then, as our friends have already been through this, we can collect clothes, toys and everything a baby needs, without complexes.

An ideal occasion to save money.

9) Grandparents are more available.

A baby at 40, implies grandparents who are already retired and who will have more time to enjoy the grandchildren, and why not? They will also have more time to lend a hand!

10) Rejuvenate!

We are not 20 years old, but not 90. Being a mother at 40, makes us aware that we are at an age where we still have much to do and much to give. Do you want to save the gym? Go up and down the stairs 10 times to change diapers, run your child through the garden, walk on all fours to teach him to crawl ... it´s time to be fit and accompany the demands of a small child, which are many!

Accepting a late pregnancy.

The environment is surprised, it is logical, normal and natural. What to do?

With older children: At first, they won´t know how to handle the news. They did not expect it! What will friends think? And besides ... Babies cry and make noise!

Do not worry. Once the baby is at home, they will love and pamper him.

With the environment: "He has no idea of the risk he is running," "It must have been an accident." Some get restless, others judge. Nothing easy for mom to face some reactions. Just focus on your well-being and that of your baby!

And what about dad?

Talk to your partner, because there will be changes there too. A late pregnancy tests relationships and demonstrates their strength. You know your partner well, either because they have been together for several years or because maturity has led them to get to know each other quickly.

Talk about your projects in common. In this instance of their lives, couples no longer stop at the gears of newlyweds who have other concerns, but can fully devote themselves to being full-time parents.

Did you have a baby after age 40? Do you know someone who wants to have a baby and who has doubts? Share this message and tell us your experience!

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