Watch out! Your mobile phone may be affecting your rest. Find out why

Undoubtedly, technology has become part of our lives and there may be no return. How can we imagine working, studying or informing ourselves today without the speed that facilitates our use of the Internet?

It is impossible to know how far the technology will reach because new proposals are emerging every day that make the news of last month look old and ancient.

From the search for information to communications, through the widespread use of social networks we use to connect with friends, sell, buy and distribute files and images, the use of the Internet combined with technology is another tool in the life of the day today.

In this particular case, we will refer to the use of the portable telephone. This useful device can become a lethal weapon if it is not used responsibly. He has been attributed many of the accidents caused by its use at the time of driving or simply must walk down the street without paying real attention to what happens around us. But even when sitting or lying down, the cell phone can represent a danger generating eye problems and insomnia.

While we all have in mind how much fun it can be to use them or what is necessary to have one, it is also important to keep in mind that it must be used responsibly. That is why it is recommended to limit the use of phones based on taking into account these tips that we are going to tell you.

- We all have what is called "biological clock", which simply consists of a system of natural time control Po with our brain that makes you perceive the difference between day and night. When the brain detects that it is time to sleep and rest but still receives the light emitted by these mobile devices, the brain becomes disoriented and registers that light as part of the day delaying the necessary sleep and causing insomnia.

- Several recent studies suggest that people who use mobile devices before going to sleep experience difficulties falling asleep, and the sector of the population most affected are adolescents, who have two disadvantages in this regard: they are more sensitive in the light that adults and need more hours of sleep to recover. This lack of sleep eventually ends up affecting the need to get up early or affects the care due to accumulated fatigue.

- We suggest you not use your mobile phone before going to sleep, since melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for generating sleep, cannot be released. You can find stimuli like light from the devices, preventing you from sleeping.

We do not ignore the practicality and usefulness of mobile devices, we simply know that we should advise you with respect to the possible damage that may be caused by the light they emit while you use them in the dark, since in addition to the aforementioned disorders it can also affect the eyesight.

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