Karma and its 12 laws that can turn your life around and fill you with happiness

The law of karma or "law of cause and effect" states that each action generates a force that turns towards us. Just as this force has been used, we reap what we have sown.

These 12 laws of karma will make you think and reflect on the aspects of your life that you never stopped to analyze. How important it is to think about our actions and evaluate the consequences!

1) The Major Law: Cause and effect.

This law tells us that we reap what we sow and that everything we send to the universe will return sooner or later.

2) The law of creation.

What surrounds us gives us clues about our inner state. It is important that we know that we can create the options we want to find throughout our lives.

3) The law of humility.

What you refuse to accept, will come back and catch you. If in front of anything or anyone, you only see an enemy, then you are not in a higher level of existence. This law refers to accepting others and not believing ourselves superior to anyone.

4) The law of growth.

You are where you want to be. We can all develop and strength our spirit so all that we want to change, changes. We must promote this change and not expect things to do it alone.

5) The law of responsibility.

Every time something bad happens, it´s because there´s something wrong with you. What surrounds us reflects us and we in return reflect what surrounds us. It is important to assume and understand the responsibility of everything that is present in our lives.

6) The law of connection.

Many people are lost between what they do and what they would like to do, without thinking that everything we do, however insignificant it may seem, has an impact on our lives and on the entire universe.

Each stage leads to another next stage and so on. Someone will do the initial work so that someone else gets something and continues the chain.

Neither the first nor the last stage are more or less important because both are necessary to accomplish the task.

7) The law of concentration.

In our eagerness to do things, we try to do everything at the same time, but this is impossible. We must go little by little and stage by stage. When we lose the north of our compass, we fall into insecurity and irritation.

8) The law of coherence.

If you really believe and trust that something is true, then you will be committed to showing that it is true.

9) The law of "here and now".

Looking back can serve to review what has been learned, but staying anchored in the past prevents us from enjoying the present and living the "here and now".

10) The law of change.

History repeats itself until we learn the lessons necessary to change the course of our lives. If you always use the same strategy to achieve the same goal that is frustrated, it is time to learn the lesson and promote the necessary changes.

11) The law of patience and reward.

For there to be a reward, we need an initial effort. Nothing big and important was achieved without a quota of effort and perseverance.

12) The law of importance and inspiration.

The value of things is a direct consequence of the energy and the effort that we put into them. Dedicate all your effort and put all the heart in each act in order to obtain the desired objective.

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